Minerva Events

Artistic Budgeting for Cash

September, 2013
The Juilliard School (Map)

Elaine will be hosting a Lunch and Learn at The Juilliard School on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 to discuss the unique challenges artists and freelancers face with respect to budgeting. It isn’t enough to budget. Freelancers must also budget for cash since their cash inflows are irregularly spaced throughout the year, and their cash outflows are not.

In this hands-on activity, Elaine will cover the primary way to incorporate cash into an artist’s budget, and the group will discuss the best ways to combat tough months. (And remember, tough months can be months where there is too much cash instead of too little.)

Contact Courtney Blackwell Burton in Juilliard’s Career Services office for more information or to register to attend. (You must be a current Juilliard student to take advantage of the free career programming!)